Feminization Experiences for Crossdressers & Male to Female Transgender​​

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Leanne, your Transformation Maven, has been specializing in crossdressing services since 2013. She started out as a support to people in need of a comforting word, then became a make up artist, image consultant and more recently a health coach who specializes in mental wellness and weight loss. 

Leanne's main focus is on empowering you to be the best version of yourself, to be self-accepting, grow your confidence and ultimately share your true self with the world! In this ongoing, fun process, Leanne is determined to create amazing transformations, experiences and memories with her beautiful clients!

Leanne has a quiet, gentle, yet confident, assuredness that immediately dispels fear and nervousness. Leanne is skilled at nudging you out of your comfort zone so you can grow and expand your daringness to take the next step in your feminization journey! Being a woman herself, Leanne is an example of femininity and teaches womanly ways with ease. Leanne acts as a voice for her clients to their partners, the community and people who are struggling with their identity.

Leanne started offering private cosmetics lessons in her home office to crossdressers a couple months after starting her Mary Kay business. Mary Kay lended perfectly to the desired private one-on-one consultation and sales of cosmetics. Many people contacted her to congratulate her on being so accepting and open to people in need. People were also inquiring about other services and products for sale. Leanne was on a HUGE learning curve as she took advice and tips from her first few clients (and even still today!). Shopping trips and makeovers were added to the list of services and she saw a growth in clientele. In September 2015, Lesada became a "real" business, complete with it's own logo, website and a full list of experiences and small boutique. In July 2016, Lesada was relocated to London, Ontario when Leanne quit her full time job, moved, and committed to making Lesada a full time career! The days of Leanne's Mary Kay business are over and instead, she has introduced a line of Lesada-branded cosmetics.  Leanne is very much looking forward to the growing existance and reach of Lesada in the future!

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